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ARCS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to furthering the research and understanding of aquatic resources through science and education-based initiatives.


We are currently conducting field work for our Commercial Fisheries Management Project. This project will determine harvest levels and establish conservation practices for commercial fish. Results will include: 1) a scientific peer-reviewed publication on the age and size composition of commercially managed fish species including analysis of movement patterns; 2) an extensive model to determine levels of sustainable commercial harvest; and 3) will provide data to be contrasted in the future to determine if changes have occurred.



ARCS offers environmental science education that goes beyond the book into the lakes and rivers. We motivate children and young adults to become citizen scientists by providing a variety of ways for them to immerse themselves in local aquatic habitats. This increased understanding and connection with local aquatic resources builds capacity within the community to better manage fisheries. Our programs educate students of how they can help conserve the fish they enjoy angling for while enhancing fish populations, their habitats, and creating awareness that their actions have environmental consequences.

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